Welcome to Klange

Klange is the high-end alternative to standard consultancy services within executive coaching, outplacement and strategic HR.

A unique approach
My services are based on the unique combination of long-term executive experience and specialised psychological expertise. As a former HR executive for international, market-leading companies, I know the kind of challenges that business leaders and HR divisions face. As an organisational psychologist, I know how to tackle them and find a way forward.

A customised solution
Clients come to me for customised solutions. Whatever the challenge – implementing a new HR strategy, developing global leadership skills, or making a decisive career move – each situation has its own complexity and calls for a distinct approach. One-size-fits-all solutions are simply not effective enough when it comes to critical transitions.

A trusted partner
Whatever its nature or cause, a change process is an intense experience. But it helps to have someone on the sideline. An experienced advisor who offers qualified feedback. A tough challenger who asks the questions nobody else dares to. A close partner who stays by your side until the job is done. It’s my privilege to be that person.

Peter Klange | VAT number: 26690676 | Dalgas Avenue 50 2. sal, 8000 Aarhus C - Denmark | Phone: +45 20 40 01 04