Executive Career Change

Executives are resourceful people, fully prepared to tackle challenges, meet targets and drive growth for the company they work for. But when it comes to making career transitions or handling an unexpected lay-off, most of them find themselves surprisingly unprepared – and in real need of new tools and tactics to tackle the situation.
The Klange Career Change module delivers just that. The module takes the client through seven distinct phases:
  1. Debriefing and recovery
  2. Drivers and life choices
  3. Competence assessment
  4. Future scenarios
  5. Personal communication
  6. Specific plan and action
  7. Job offer and closing

...all of which are designed to meet individual needs

Unlike most outplacement programmes, the aim of this module is not merely to secure the next paycheck.
It is to help the client define a new course of life – personally and professionally.
For a full description of what each of the seven phases includes, please download the Executive Career Change presentation.
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