Strategic HR

As a former global HR executive, I know the kind of challenges international organisations face when it comes to implementing a new global strategy, recruiting the right person for a key position, or stimulating intercultural collaboration across the organisation.

Combining this experience with specialist qualifications in organisational psychology, I offer an external and expert perspective that can help solve business-critical challenges.

As an external HR partner, I offer services within:

  • Global and strategic HR development
  • Talent and executive development
  • Strategic management platforms
  • Personal assessment
  • Supervision and training of organisational psychologists and HR consultants  

To learn more about each of these services, please get in touch.

Peter Klange | VAT number: 26690676 | Dalgas Avenue 50 2. sal, 8000 Aarhus C - Denmark | Phone: +45 20 40 01 04